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Dying for a bra like this.
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Some guy just whistled at me while driving by and my dad goes “don’t worry, that was for me”

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is it too much to ask to get 100 dollars from every rich person in the world

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When you’re drunk and it’s late, and you’re missing me like hell, keep it to yourself.
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Some names will always taste bitter.
6 Word Poem About Love, by Devyn Springer (via feelingsandwhatnot)

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I turned off my phone
Because I could not
Handle the certainty
That you were not
Even trying to talk
To me.


those january memories

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Du schreibst auch nur, wenn du besoffen bist
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  • how my mother works
  • me: mom i got all A's
  • mom:
  • me: mom i cleaned the whole house
  • mom:
  • me: mom i don't do drugs and i'm not pregnant
  • mom:
  • mom: is this your cup on the table?
  • me: yes
  • mom: you never do anything right i do for you all day long and you do nothing for me but stress me out you are so out of control you are grounded if you think you had no life before you just wait i cant believe you treat your own mother this way get out of my sight